Why Choose Shoot To Score Hockey

Shoot-to-Score Hockey presents a unique opportunity for your Community/ Minor Hockey Association. The talents of two former NHLers and members of the Berens River First Nation are yours to utilize to educate and strengthen your community hockey program. Through on- and off-ice clinics and seminars, Shoot-to-Score Hockey wants to aid in developing your youth in the present and for the future. Remote communities spend tens of thousands of dollars per year sending a select few of their youth to accelerated hockey schools, which takes them away from their community. Shoot-to-Score Hockey will travel to your community to run a first class hockey program specifically designed for your members and performed in a familiar and comfortable environment. Included in this program are Youth Development Camps, Coaching Mentorship Program, and “Life Choices” awareness talks.



The Organization

Shoot-to-Score Hockey is operated by the only First Nation father and son to have their names engraved on the Stanley Cup. Reggie Leach and Jamie Leach’s levels of expertise are endless as players, coaches, managers, and mentors. The Shoot-to-Score staff consists of experienced professional instructors for teaching hockey skills and techniques and are highly qualified to provide an elite hockey program in a fun educational environment.



  • A unique opportunity to learn from the talents of two NHL stars
  • An elite hockey program in your community with instruction for youth and coaches
  • The ability for your community to save money while offering this excellent caliber of training to be done in your community
  • Tangible examples of success through showcasing positive role models
  • Annual school for your youth to look forward to each season
  • Monies benefit more youth within the community
  • Coaching mentorship program available
  • Positive “Life Choices”
  • Utilization of local coaches and volunteers who want to learn and gain valuable skills in coaching




Shoot-to-Score Hockey feels strongly that aboriginal communities and their youth must have the opportunity to compete at the highest levels of the game. Success at higher levels of competition can be and is possible. We are not only ambassadors of our family, but also ambassadors of First Nation people and First Nation hockey.


In remote communities, ice time is abundant and games take precedent over skill development and team tactics. Shoot-to-Score Hockey offers the following services to help your youth enhance their talents, achieve their goals and start a relationship with your community now and into the future.

Sample of “Youth Development Camp”

An example of our four-day camp would be as follows:


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