Shoot to Score Hockey Player Developement Advisor

1) Through out an entire season how much one-on-one time do coaches spend with players developing their individual skills or techniques?

2) Would a player benefit from the professional knowledge and a point of view and that only has the player’s development and best interest in mind?

The role of the Player Development Advisor is to support your player’s future through evaluation, communication, and instruction. After analyzing your player in competition and training the Advisor targets which areas need improving and through one on one sessions we strengthen those areas continually building the complete hockey player. Best part about this program is the Advisor is not your coach, or a scout, or your parent, the Advisor has no outside interest other than building a superior hockey player. Clientele is very limited!

Program Details

  1. Analyze four competitions and/or training sessions
  2. Five One-on-One Advancement Sessions
  3. Video Analysis: Game Play, Skating, Shooting
  4. Professional Hockey Counsel
  5. Unlimited Communications
  6. Player Placement
  7. Runs for a full calendar year
  8. LIMITED Clientele!!

$1,150 + GST

Jamie Leach
NHL Alumni

Two Time Stanley Cup Champion

Calder Cup Champion

Three Time Allan Cup Champion

Team Canada WJHC

OHL All-Star

13 Years Pro Experience

15 Years Coaching Experience

MJHL Coach of the Year

NCCP High Performance Coach