Bring Shoot to Score Hockey To Your Community

Shoot-to-Score Hockey feels strongly that all communities and their youth must have the opportunity to compete at the highest levels of the game. Success at higher levels of competition can be and is possible. We are not only ambassadors of our family, but also ambassadors of First Nation people and First Nation hockey.


In remote communities, ice time is abundant and games take precedent over skill development and team tactics. Shoot-to-Score Hockey offers the following services to help your youth enhance their talents, achieve their goals and start a relationship with your community now and into the future.

  • Three and four day Youth Development Camps
  • First class customized instruction
  • Power Skating
  • Goaltender Instruction
  • Off-Ice Instruction/Conditioning
  • Off-Ice Supervision
  • Individual Evaluations for each Participant
  • “Life Choices” sessions with community youth/camp participants
  • Coaching Mentorship Programs for local coaches
  • Shoot to Score hockey jersey
  • Shoot to Score participation certificates
  • Pictures and autographs
  • Parent conferences
  • Assistance with placement for appropriate youth
  • Additional NHL Instructors
  • Aboriginal NHL Alumni Games
hockey student


Sample of “Youth Development Camp”

An example of our four-day camp would be as follows:


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